Case Studies


Niche Market process management


There are niche markets in the UK which are too small to attract UK based developers to devise software systems to support their work. The Teddy Edward model of UK and internationally based specialists allows us to develop systems at a much lower cost model, and enables us to look at developing systems for niche markets in the Cloud.


Our systems analysts meet with UK clients for a Q&A session looking at different aspects of the systems under discussion. We ask different staff members to write down the steps they currently take, and to state the goals they would like to achieve in a more automated system. In an iterative process, a project specification document is developed and agreed. A system process is proposed in response and costs assessed. If the project is agreed, a payment schedule is then agreed and the project implemented. The client is kept informed at development assessment points, testing implemented at early stages, and as many client staff as are made available are brought in for testing and feedback. A go live schedule is agreed and implemented. 


Auction Management Systems - a year long process to provide the data and warehouse handling needs of chattel auctioneers