The Teddy Edward Team have been supporting Clients with their communication and system goals for fifteen years. We started by developing databases on local servers, which massively improved data gathering and analysis, but kept the worker tied to their desk. We saw the Cloud as the way forward, moving quickly into early website Content Management Systems and Cloud based database systems, integrating these  with a high level of functionality. 


Web services provide small organisations with new tools to allow new market development and better customer service. These will be reflected by changes in operational culture - there will be more time spent typing and less time spent filing. We expect our Clients to spend more time speaking to Your Clients, rather than searching unforgiving filing cabinets for missing paperwork. 


We have long advocated Standards Compliance and OpenSource in our systems, for best results, cost effectiveness, and best security. This placed us well for the massive success of Apple’s iPad, based as it is on HTML 5 standards, rather than Adobe’s proprietary Flash. 


Our market focus has always been international, looking beyond our base in London, UK. We have provided project management for UK Government funded projects, developed for projects in Hong Kong, Mongolia, and Morocco, whilst developing systems for the UK Fine Art Auction Industry and the UK Grant-making Trust sector. We aim to provide the same level of service to individual clients as to large organisations.


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